Free 100 MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3 for UGC NTA NET Exam

Free 100 MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3 for UGC NTA NET Exam

This set involves 100 MCQ on Teaching aptitude. Answers are shown in Black Bold $ Format.

MCQ 1 To 10

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

1. The purpose of formative evaluation is?
A. Monitoring progress of students $
B. Decision of what to measure
C. Development of the test
D. Administering the test

2. A procedure that establishes a sequence of responses which lead to a reward following the final response and then working backwards is called
A. Shapping
B. Stimulus control
C. Chaining $
D. Stimulus generalization

3. The horizontal enrichment programme of preparation means
A. Selecting subjects of same problem degree and imparting them collectively.
B. Grouping kids of comparable talents for coaching superior knowledge
C. Teaching subjects when it comes to different subjects to signify self observe via way of means of college students $
D. Enlisting the co-operation of all proficient college students to observe collectively with a aggressive spirit.

4. A common test in research demands much priority on
A. Objectivity
B. Reliability
C. Useability
D. All of the above $

5. Who gave the below statement adolescence is the stage of struggle, strom and strength
A. Stanley Hall $
B. Jin Se Tunga
C. Mario Patric
D. None of the above

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

6. Which of the subsequent may be termed as maximum import venture in coaching some of the given?
A. Making assignments and checking worksheets.
B. Making month-to-month reviews and keeping records.
C. Directing college students in improvement of experiences. $
D. All of the above

7. There is constantly confusion among persona and man or woman. The so referred to as vacation spot among them is that
A. Personality is outside and man or woman is inner as conduct
B. Personality relies upon extra at the surroundings even as man or woman relies upon on heredity
C. Character speaks of ethical conduct even as persona stands for the mental element of conduct $
D. Personality is the ethical element of conduct and man or woman is the mental element of conduct.

8. During lecture in classroom, a few college students hesitate to mention that they may be not able to apprehend your lecture. What can be the motive for this?
A. You are not able to speak effectively. $
B. Your academic method is inadequate
C. Students worry you.
D. There is a cordial relation among you and your college students

9. The questioning system worried in generating an concept or idea this is new, authentic and beneficial is named as-
A. Creativity $
B. Innovation
C. Intelligence
D. Synectics

10. When a collection of clans get merged together, then the consequent grouping is called
A. Gotra
B. Family
C. Siblings
D. Lineage $

MCQ 11 To 20

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

11. Who said, “No constant pursuits of training and no values in advance”?
A. Realists
B. Idealists
C. Marxists
D. Progressive educators $

12. What do you keep in mind as the primary intention of inter disciplinary studies?
A. To over simplify the trouble of studies
B. To convey out holistic technique to studies $
C. To create a brand new fashion in studies methodology
D. To lessen the emphasis of unmarried problem in studies domain

13. Which of the subsequent is the maximum critical unmarried component underlying the achievement of starting teacher?
A. His character and cappotential to narrate to the class $
B. His attitudes and outlook on life
C. His verbal facility and organizational cappotential
D. His scholarship and highbrow cappotential

14. Which of the subsequent sampling strategies isn’t primarily based totally on probability?
A. Quota Sampling $
B. Cluster Sampling
C. Stratified Sampling
D. Simple Random Sampling

15. Wragg has counseled what number of numbers of college students in a micro coaching class?
A. 33 to 40
B. 25 to 30
C. 15to 20
D. 5 to10 $

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

16. The maximum essential nice of an excellent instructor is
A. Sound information of challenge matter
B. Good verbal exchange skills $
C. Concern for student’s welfare
D. Effective management qualities

17. Theory of more than one intelligence implies the subsequent except
A. intelligence is a awesome set of processing operations utilized by an person to remedy problems.
B. disciplines have to be supplied in some of ways
C. getting to know might be assessed via a lot of means
D. emotional intelligence isn’t associated with IQ $

18. The communication in teaching is going on between
A. Teacher and taught $
B. Teacher and principal
C. Teacher and student
D. Senior and junior students

19. Daryl, a sixth grader, receives a score report from a standardized mathematics test taken by his entire sixth grade class that includes both a grade-equivalent score and a national percentile rank.
Daryl’s gradeequivalent score is 8.
2. His national percentile rank is 87.
Daryl’s gradeequivalent score indicates that which of the following is true?

A. Daryl did as well on his test as an average eighth grade student in the second month of school would do on an eighth-grade test.
B. Daryl can do the mathematics expected of an average eighth grader who is in the second month of the school year.
C. Daryl may well encounter difficulties in the later stages of the eighthgrade mathematics curriculum.
D. Daryl did as well on this test as an average eighth grader in the second month of school would do on the same test. $

20. The Criteria For Grading Should Be
A. The Material Is Covered In An Accurate Manner.
B. The Writing Communicates Clearly And Effectively.
C. Is There Any Originality In The Submitted Work.
D. All Of These. $

MCQ 21 To 30

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

21. Which among the following is the advantage that does not come to the followers under a specific leadership?
A. The goal achievement satisfaction $
B. The difficulties that may result by the risk of failure
C. The advantage of getting an all round leader and guide
D. It saves the group from the difficulties of taking decisions

22. Who believe that “Objects have a reality independent of mental phenomena”?
A. Idealists
B. Realists $
C. Naturalists
D. Existentialists

23. If you come across to teach a blind student along with the normal students
what type of behaviour you are expected to exhibit?
A. Take care of him with sympathy
B. Don’t give any extra attention because majority of students may, suffer
C. Arrange the seat in the front row and try to keep your teaching pace according to him without making the other students suffer $
D. none of the above

24. Most developmentalists recognize that every characteristic we possess is due to
A. Nature
B. Nurture
C. An interaction of nature and nurture $
D. Either only nature or only nurture

25. Counselling is provided to assist an individual
A. To diagnose learning deficiencies
B. To understand and solve problem $
C. To develop insight
D. To develop the personality

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

26. The main characteristic of scientific research is:
A. empirical
B. theoretical
C. experimental
D. all of the above $

27. Which of the following is not a prescribed level of teaching?
A. Memory
B. Reflective
C. Differentiation $
D. Understanding

28. What is correct about the nature of philosophy in relation to science?
A. Philosophy is science
B. Philosophy is a normative science
C. Philosophy is the science of science $
D. Philosophy is the mother of all sciences

29. In which of the following respects is a theory ’not’ different from a belief?
A. Antecedent consequent relationships’
B. Acceptability $
C. Verifiability
D. Demonstrability

30. Which of the following argument is presented against the influence of heredity?
A. Heredity has the limited effect
B. Effect of environment on intelligence
C. Effect of environment on physical characteristics
D. All of the above $

MCQ 31 To 40

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

31. Discrimination power of an item is acceptable when its value ranges
A. 1
B. 0. 30
C. 0. 30 – 1 $
D. None

32. On whose philosophy is based the current primary education in India?
A. Tagore
B. Gandhi $
C. Sri Aurobindo
D. Vivekananda

33. It is the day by day ordinary that a few college students carry unwanted meals gadgets from the college-gate. You are complete of sorrow to look this circumstance of your college students. What is its remedy?
A. You will pressure to depart the peddlers of eatables from the college gate
B. You will pressure the scholars to stay in the gate
C. Inform the principal
D. Announcing at the prayer floor withinside the morning and ask them to keep away from such practices $

34. What Can A Teacher Do To Develop Integrated Personalities Of His Pupil?
A. Children Should Be Encouraged And Helped To Set Themselves Well- Defined Goals And Objectives Which They Can Hope To Achieve.
B. They Should Be Helped To Build Their Self-Esteem To Develop A Sense Of Worthiness And Positive Ego Image.
C. Life In Schools Should Be So Planned That Children Are Able To Express Themselves Fully.
D. All Of These $

35. Central Institute of English –
A. Hyderabad $
B. New Delhi
C. Dharmasala
D. Chitrakoot and Foreign

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

36. The cause, according to Indian philosophy, can be classified as
A. Efficient cause
B. Material cause
C. Immediate cause
D. All of these $

37. The ultimate human values are of the nature of
A. Spiritual $
B. Physical
C. Intellectual
D. None of these

38. Health can be classified as having the value of
A. Intrinsic $
B. Extrinsic
C. Instrumental
D. None of these

39. Students should prefer those teachers who
A. dictate notes in the class.
B. give important questions before examination.
C. can clear their difficulties regarding subject-matter. $
D. are themselves disciplined.

40. When Locke spokes of `Tabula rasa` he mentioned his perception that
A. The doctrine of innate thoughts is basically correct
B. The organism reacts as an entire to stimulus
C. The thoughts begins offevolved from scratch in collecting experience data
D. The thoughts itself is a end result of the procedure of evolution $

MCQ 41 To 50

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

41. How much knowledge is gained through the sense of listening?
A. 75% $
B. 13%
C. 6%
D. 3%

42. The normal twelve-year-old child is most likely to
A. have anxiety feelings about pleasing adults
B. confine his/her interests to the here and now $
C. be eager for peer approval
D. be concerned with boy-girl relationship

43. A working hypothesis is
A. a scientific theory
B. not required to be tested
C. a proven hypothesis for an argument
D. a provisionally accepted hypothesis for further research $

44. Most of the Universities in India
A. conduct teaching and research only
B. affiliate colleges and conduct examinations
C. conduct teaching/research and examinations $
D. promote research only

45. In which of the following respect, a group and crowd differ from each other?
A. Size
B. Intimacy
C. Suggestibility
D. Organisation $

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

46. Which of the following is the basic function of variables in teaching process
A. Diagnostic
B. Remedial
C. Evaluation
D. All of the above $

47. According to Socrates, physical objects and events are of their ideal form.
A. signs
B. parts
C. images
D. shadows $

48. Anything that causes a reaction is called
A. stimulus $
B. learning
C. connectionism
D. physical objects

49. If a student does not pay any respect to you, then you will
A. ignore him $
B. award less marks in examination
C. talk to his/her parents
D. rebuke him

50. Teacher professionalism means:
A. The extent to which teachers subscribe to the Professional Code $
B. Teachers must teach to get paid
C. Teachers must have completed a professional teacher training course prior to appointment.
D. all of them

MCQ 51 To 60

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

51. Dyslexia is associated with
A. mental disorder
B. mathematical disorder
C. reading disorder $
D. behavioural disorder

52. BM stands for
A. Budget Money
B. Budget Manual $
C. Budget Materials
D. Budget Monitoring

53. What is needed in a classroom?
A. Teacher who’s disciplined and take attendance regularly
B. Teacher efficaciously answering the questions requested via way of means of college students $
C. A trainer handing over his lecture in keeping with the textbook and research
D. A trainer handing over his lecture on the idea of textbook contents and fashionable books

54. Smallest unit of meaning in a language is
A. Syntax
B. Morpheme $
C. Pragmatics
D. Phoneme

55. Frobel’s most important contribution to education was his development of the
A. Public high school
B. Latin School
C. Vocational school
D. Kindergarten $

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

56. The function of mass communication of supplying information regarding the processes, issues, events and societal developments is known as:
A. correlation
B. gratification
C. surveillance
D. content supply $

57. Suppose a child used to quarrel with his siblings and family members. What will you do in order to get rid of him from this bad habit?
A. You will declare public punishment for these act in school
B. You will talk to him in isolation and asks in detail about such type of behavior $
C. You will demoralizing him by giving the example of some other good students of his class and the school on whom the school feels proud
D. None of the above

58. According to Rousseau, at what age a person ready to have a companion of the opposite gender?
A. 15
B. 16 $
C. 17
D. 18

59. The speculation underlying group coaching is
A. Teachers experience bore whilst running by myself
B. Teachers aren’t able
C. The nice instructors in faculties are shared via way of means of extra college students $
D. The unmarried trainer can’t manage the class

60. In which stage is the Physical growth is rapid
A. Early childhood
B. Infancy $
C. Adolescence
D. School age

MCQ 61 To 70

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

61. Good tests of a psychological nature bear the following features
A. Reliability $
B. Cheaper
C. Guessing Power
D. Rote learning

62. The research is always –
A. exploring new knowledge
B. verifying the old knowledge
C. filling the gap between knowledge
D. all of these $

63. The says, we are motivated to gain rewards and avoid punishments.
A. law of effect $
B. law of exercise
C. law of readiness
D. law of connectionism

64. The right sequence of subgroups cognitive domain is
A. Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Synthesis, analysis, Evaluation
B. Knowledge, Comprehension, application, Evaluation, analysis, Synthesis
C. Knowledge, Comprehension, Evaluation, application, Analysis, Synthesis
D. Knowledge, Comprehension, application, analysis, Synthesis Evaluation $

65. Micro teaching focuses on the competency over
A. Method
B. Skills $
C. Contents
D. None of above

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

66. The learning laws and principles can be carried out through
A. Instruction
B. Indoctrination $
C. Training
D. All of the above

67. Following are three types of teaching levels
1. reflective level
2. understanding level
3. memory level
Which of the following is the correct sequence?
A. 1-2-3
B. 3-2-1 $
C. 2-3-1
D. 3-1-2

68. Goals are at
A. National level
B. Subject level $
C. Classroom level
D. All of the above

69. A curriculum is the sum total of a school’s t influence a child’s:
A. Action
B. Attitude
C. Personality
D. Behaviors $

70. According to the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, a wife can seek divorce if her husband
A. Is guilty of adultery $
B. Beats her occasionally
C. Does not speak to her
D. Is regularly away from home

MCQ 71 To 80

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

71. Teacher’s primary responsibility lies in
A. implementing policies
B. keeping students record
C. planning educational experiences $
D. all of the above

72. Research has shown that the most frequent symptom of nervous instability among teachers is
A. Digestive upsets
B. Explosive behaviour $
C. Fatigue
D. Worry

73. The purpose of basic education scheme is
A. universalization of primary education
B. to vocationalise the eduction
C. to fulfil basic need of persons through education $
D. to make education compulsory for all

74. Effective teaching means
A. Love, cooperation, sympathy, affection and encouragement given to students
B. Corporal punishment given to students at the time of moral offences
C. Individualized instruction and open classroom discussion
D. Both A and C $

75. School Budget includes
A. Non development expenditure
B. Development expendciture
C. Both A and B $
D. None

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

76. Learning which involves motor organs is called
A. Sensory learning
B. Motor learning $
C. Verbal learning
D. Sensory motor learning

77. In communication, connotative words are
A. Simple
B. Explicit
C. Cultural $
D. Abstract

78. It is generally agreed that
A. Each educational group should have its own independent organization
B. Administrators and teachers should have separate professional organization
C. Any professional organization should included several levels of leadership $
D. All of the above are correct

79. Jean Piaget gave a theory of cognitive development of humans on the basis of his
A. Action research
B. Applied research
C. Evaluation Research
D. Fundamental research $

80. Which of the following is the incorrect pair?
A. “World as it is here and now” – Realism
B. Learning by doing – Existentialism $
C. Education through Environment – Naturalism
D. Realization of truth, beauty and goodness – Idealism

MCQ 81 To 90

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

81. The quality of schools education is exclusively depending upon
A. Infrastructural facilities
B. Financial provisions
C. International support
D. The quality of teacher education $

82. CLASS stands for
A. Complete Literacy and Studies in Schools
B. Computer Literacy and Studies in Schools $
C. Centre for Literacy and Studies in Schools
D. Computer Literates and Students in Schools

83. Moral values can be effectively inculcated among the students when the teacher
A. frequently talks about values
B. himself practices them $
C. tells stories of great persons
D. talks of Gods and Goddesses

84. What type of development is possible among children through games
A. Feelings of mutual respect
B. Cooperation and adjustment
C. Social qualities
D. All of the above $

85. A child starts to cry when his grandmother takes him from his mother’s lap. The child cries due to
A. Social anxiety
B. Emotional anxiety
C. Stranger anxiety
D. Separation anxiety $

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

86. is the father of Psychoanalysis?
A. Carl Jung
B. Erik Erikson
C. Jacques Lacan
D. Sigmund Freud $

87. What is the use of homework?
A. Helps in preparing next chapter before coming to school
B. Helps in memorizing the previous lessons
C. Provide students an opportunity to implement what they have learnt $
D. To catch up with other students

88. It is critical that simple sensory capacities are growing well because:
A. They are the idea for learning
B. If not, emotional improvement can be comprised
C. Social interplay relies upon on them
D. All of the above $

89. There is in working memory as people gets older.
A. no change
B. degradation $
C. upgradation
D. a slight change

90. Which on the following is not related with teaching process?
A. Social process $
B. Interaction process
C. Vocational process
D. Continuous process

MCQ 91 To 100

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

91. Which of the following statements is correct?
A. Education is an art
B. Education is a science
C. It is neither an art nor science
D. To some extent it is art and to some extent it is science $

92. Which of the following is a dimensional teaching aid?
A. Black Board
B. Display Board
C. Still Picture
D. Model $

93. NAAC is an autonomous institution under the aegis of:
A. UGC $

94. The most important quality of a good teacher is
A. Sound knowledge of subject matter $
B. Good communication skills
C. Concern for students’ welfare
D. Effective leadership qualities

95. The black-board may be applied first-class via way of means of a trainer for
A. Making the scholars attentive
B. Highlighting the trainer himself
C. Writing the critical and incredible points $
D. Putting the problem of coaching in black and white

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

96. In CCE, Formative and Summative Assessment totals to
A. 40% and 60% respectively $
B. 60% and 40% respectively
C. 50% and 50% respectively
D. None of the above

97. Micro teaching is more effective
A. During the preparation for teaching-practice
B. During the teaching-practice $
C. After the teaching-practice
D. Always

98. Effective teaching, by and large is a function of
A. Teacher’s honesty
B. Teacher’s scholarship
C. Teacher’s making students learn and understand
D. Teacher likes for the job of teaching $

99. Science can be properly defined as
A. A method $
B. A subject matter
C. A field of knowledge
D. None of these

100. To achieve success with an overactive child, the trainer should
A. Give the kid more written paintings so he/she can be able to have a motive for closing in his/her seat
B. Allow the kid to depart his/her seat every time he/she will become restless
C. Provide the kid with functional sports that legitimize the want for movement $
D. Isolate the kid from the class

MCQ on Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 3

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