Free 100 Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

Free 100 Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET

Free 100 Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

In this article we are offering Free 100 Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam. You can read this whole mcq on teaching aptitude for study of UGC NET SET Examination. In this blog we offering a MCQ on different subjects relating with UGC NTA NET Exam.

Free 100 Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

Free 100 Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam


Answers are shown in the Red Bold Format


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Imp Note:- Answers are shown in the Red Bold Format

MCQ. 1 To 10

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

1. Cognitive Development means-
A. Development of intelligence
B. Development of child
C. Development of Physical Skills
D. Development of individual

2. The essential element of the syllabus for the children remained out of school should be
A. Literacy competencies
B. Life-skills
C. Numerical competencies
D. Vocational competencies

3. Which Of The following Can Be Termed As Most Import Task In Teaching Among The Given?
A. Directing Students In Development Pf Experiences.
B. making Monthly Reports And Maintaining Records.
C. Making Assignments And Checking Worksheets.
D. All Of The Above

4. Why is Environment Awareness necessary at all stages of education?
A. Important for human survival
B. Environment varies from region to region
C. Man must control and change environment
D. None of the above

5. The concept of ’SUPW’ was elucidated by
A. Adiseshiah Committee
B. Ramamurthi Committee
C. Sampurnanand Committee
D. Ishwar Bhai Patel Review Committee

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

6. Scientific management relies on the idea that:
A. The scientific observation of individuals at work would reveal the one best thanks to do the task.
B. Observation would reveal the staff got to be multi-skilled.
C. staff would receive a collection wage notwithstanding performance.
D. staff will decide their own strategies of acting tasks.

7. What does one mean by curriculum?
A. sum of the annual study
B. a baby learns through program
C. sum of the activities of a college
D. Indicates the course to be schooled by the lecturers to the scholars throughout the year

8. If your neighbour is aware of concerning your blood type, all of a abrupt his kid fell all the way down to a road accident, and he request you to gift blood to avoid wasting his child’s life, what call would you prefer to take?
A. you may refuse at once
B. you may produce a concern of same serious sickness to avoid it
C. you may at once conform to gift your blood
D. you may counsel him to rearrange blood from a Blood-bank

9. the foremost applicable that means of learning is
A. instilling of data
B. modification of behaviour
C. personal adjustment
D. acquisition of skills

10. What ought to be the angle of a lecturer towards his students within the class?
A. Discriminating
B. He ought to pay additional attention to weak students
C. Equal for all students
D. He ought to pay additional attention to intelligent students

MCQ. 11 To 20

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

11. The English word ‘Communication’ is derived from the words
A. Communist and Commune
B. Communis and Communicare
C. Communism and Communalism
D. Communion and Common sense

12. A child starts to cry when his grandmother takes him from his mother’s lap. The child cries due to
A. Social anxiety
B. Emotional anxiety
C. Stranger anxiety
D. Separation anxiety

13. Aims are
A. National expectations
B. Institution expectations
C. Learning expectations
D. None of the above

14. that one among the subsequent could be a primary task of a teacher?
A. to show the prescribed information.
B. To stimulate and guide students learning.
C. to push habits of conformity to adult demands and expectations
D. to produce diagnostic and remedial aid where desired.

15. the primary necessary step in teaching is
A. organizing the fabric to be instructed
B. knowing the background of students
C. designing of illustration of topic or subject
D. organizing the background of scholars for the topic

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

16. The primary responsibility for the teacher’s adjustment lies with
A. The children
B. The principal
C. The teacher himself
D. The community

17. In the context of education, socialization it means that
A. creating one’s own social norms
B. respecting elders in society
C. adapting and adjusting to social environment
D. always following social norms

18. Micro teaching is most effective for the student-teacher:
A. before the practice-teaching
B. during the practice-teaching
C. after the practice-teaching
D. none of the above

19. Which one of the following generation tree was studied to support the effect of heredity on it?
A. Kallickok
B. Edwards
C. Jux
D. Futility

20. Most psychologists believe that development is due
A. Largely to nature.
B. Largely to nurture.
C. To nature and nurture acting separately.
D. To an interaction of nature and nurture.

MCQ. 21 To 30

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

21. The core parts of treatise ar
A. analysis Plan; analysis Data; Analysis; References
B. govt Summary; Literature review; knowledge gathered; Conclusions; list
C. Introduction; Literature Review; analysis Methodology; Results; Discussion and Conclusion
D. Introduction; knowledge Collection; knowledge Analysis; Conclusions and suggestions

22. The number of students in cooperative learning groups are
A. 3-4
B. 5-6
C. 8-10
D. 10-15

23. What ought to the Teacher’s Association do if the Management Committee refuses to simply accept the stress of teachers?
A. Take facilitate from oldsters Association to pressurize the Management Committee
B. Take facilitate from students to pressurize the Management Committee
C. Teachers’ representatives ought to visit the Management Committee
D. ought to persist strike to place pressure on the Management Committee

24. Which of the following groups of students can be most benefited computer based education programme?
A. Small group of low IQ
B. Heterogeneous groups in IQ
C. Large group of moderate intelligence
D. All of the above

25. Curriculum improvement should a process
A. last
B. Initial
C. Internal
D. Continuous

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

26. “Child growth as continuing through associate degree organized sequence of stages divided roughly by age” visible
A. Kohlberg
B. Piaget
C. Vygotsky
D. Skinner

27. Who said that members of the same species are not alike?
A. Best
B. Good
C. Darwin
D. Herber

28. Which one is accountable in cooperative learning
A. Individual
B. Group
C. Both A & B
D. None of the above

29. A view that “Anything can be taught at any stage of development“ was proposed by:
A. jean Piaget
B. D. Ausubel
C. J. Bruner
D. B. F. Skinner

30. Chancellor of Visva-Bharati University?
A. President of America
B. President of India
C. Governor of West Bengal
D. Chief Minister of West Bengal

MCQ. 31 To 40

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

31. Smallest unit of meaning in a language is
A. syntax
B. morpheme
C. pragmatics
D. phoneme

32. fathom the parts of nonverbal communication in a very schoolroom from the subsequent :
A. face expression, kinesics and private space
B. Speed of vocalization, feel sensible issue and acoustics
C. face expression, cultural area and seating arrangement
D. High sound, physical atmosphere and teacher-learner distance

33. the foremost powerful barrier of communication within the schoolroom is
A. Noise within the schoolroom
B. Confusion on the a part of the teacher
C. Lack of teaching aids
D. a lot of outside disturbance within the category area

34. Which is not true about projects
A. It is a purposeful activity
B. It is proceeded in social environment
C. It is accomplished in real life
D. It is teacher centered activity

35. When two or more successive footnotes refer to the same work which one of the following expressions is used?
A. et. al
B. op. cit
C. loc. cit
D. ibid

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

36. Research has shown that the most frequent symptom of nervous instability among teachers is
A. Worry
B. Fatigue
C. Digestive upsets
D. Explosive behaviour

37. Buddha’s theory of self is similar to the theory propounded in the West by
A. David Hume
B. William James
C. Bertrand Russel
D. All of these

38. The fundamental basis of Samkara’s theory of self is
A. Dualism
B. Pluralism
C. Non-dualism
D. Qualified monism

39. Dyslexia is associated with
A. mental disorder
B. behavioural disorder
C. reading disorder
D. writing disorder

40. A level in society made up of people similar in certain respect is known as
A. Social class
B. Social order
C. Social system
D. Social hierarchy

MCQ. 41 To 50

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

41. A student helps a teacher to solve the problem while the teacher was delivering the lecture. He was
A. a realistic listener
B. an emphatic listener
C. an evaluative listener
D. an informational listener

42. Some academics, get pleasure from inflicting remarks on woman students within the staffroom. Being a junior subordinate square measure doing} not feel any pleasure in it however are unable to stay them quiet. what’s going to you are doing in such a situation?
A. Severe criticism in their absence
B. tape recording of the talks and report the concern the principal
C. No participation the least bit
D. Quarrelling and insulting a number of of them

43. Micro teaching is most effective for the student-teacher:
A. During the practice-teaching
B. After the practice-teaching
C. Before the practice-teaching
D. None of the above

44. The South Asia University is situated in the city of
A. Colombo
B. Dhaka
C. New Delhi
D. Kathmandu

45. Vivekananda enclosed study of “religion, philosophy, Upnishadas and Puranas” to realize
A. Propagation of Indian culture
B. non secular development of the kid
C. Development of intellect of the child
D. Complete development of child’s temperament

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

46. Liberation and bondage, according to Samkhya philosophy, are of the nature of
A. Like dream
B. Ultimate reality
C. Practical reality
D. None of these

47. Single factor theory of intelligence was given by
A. Alfred Binet
B. Thorndike
C. Freeman
D. None of them

48. The application of ideas, knowledge and skills to achieve the desired results is called
A. critical thinking
B. problem solving
C. deductive method
D. reasoned arguments

49. The University which telecasts interaction educational programmes through its own channel is
A. Osmania University
B. University of Pune
C. Annamalai University
D. Indira Gandhi National Open University

50. the simplest technique of checking student’s school assignment is
A. To assign it to intelligent students of the category
B. to examine the answers within the category in cluster manner
C. to examine them with the assistance of specimen answer
D. to examine by the teacher himself in a very regular way

MCQ. 51 To 60

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51. Who formed Brahmo Samaj
A. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
B. Guru Nanak
C. Ramanand
D. Kabir

52. Vygotsky emphasized the significance of the role played by which of the following factors in the learning of children?
A. Hereditary
B. Moral
C. Physical
D. Social

53. Education is a powerful instrument of:
A. Social transformation
B. Personal transformation
C. Cultural transformation
D. All the above

54. The most important quality of an effective teacher is
A. Deep knowledge about the subject taught
B. A strict disciplinarian
C. Good rapport with the students
D. A good motivator

55. that of the subsequent is that the biggest barrier to communication in an exceedingly classroom?
A. Confusion on the a part of the teacher
B. Lack of teaching aids
C. Outside disturbance
D. Noise within the room

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56. analysis within the field of misbehaviour would lead the lecturers and fogeys to believe that
A. it’s primarily a drag of foreigners in our society
B. it’s even worse in rural areas than in urban society
C. it’s malady of society restricted to low economic areas
D. it’s a drag having several roots

57. what’s the goal of education in line with Idealism?
A. Realisation of ethical values
B. Satisfaction of human needs
C. excellent adaptation to the atmosphere
D. Cultivation of dynamic, filmable mind which is able to be capable and enterprising all told things

58. an instructor uses a text and a few photos of fruits and vegetables and holds a discussion together with her students. the scholars link the small print with their previous data and learn the thought of nutrition. This approach relies on
A. conditioning of learning
B. Theory of reinforcement
C. conditioning of learning
D. Construction of knowledge

59. What turns the single fertilized egg into a full fledged adult?
A. Parent’s nourishment.
B. Enviornment.
C. Cycle of the growth and development.
D. Interaction with the outside world

60. Deemed Universities declared by UGC beneath Section three of the UGC Act 1956, aren’t allowable to
A. provide affiliation to any institute of upper education.
B. provide programmes in pedagogy and issue degrees.
C. provide distance education programmes while not the approval of the gap Education Council
D. open off-campus and off-shore field anyplace within the country and overseas severally while not the permission of the UGC.

MCQ. 61 To 70

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61. The best evidence of the professional status of teaching is the
A. Publication of journal
B. Fixing of salary schedules
C. Enforcement of high standards
D. Establishment of retirement systems

62. What is most important while writing on blackboard?
A. Good writing
B. Clarity in writing
C. Writing in big letters
D. Writing in small letters

63. The teacher is generally teaching at
A. Uniform level
B. Multi levels
C. Tri-level
D. None of the above

64. Which one of the following is not concerned with the duties of a teacher?
A. To discipline the students
B. To prepare students for examinations
C. to make monthly and annual reports
D. To participate in extracurricular activities

65. A teacher’s major contribution towards the maximum self-realization of the student is affected through:
A. Strict control of class-room activities
B. Constant fulfilment of the students’ needs
C. Strict reinforcement of academic standards
D. Sensitivity to students’ needs, goals and purposes

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

66. When is the best time to evaluate a student’s performance?
A. When the instruction have begun
B. When the instruction have ended
C. Only at the end of major units of instruction
D. Throughout the instructional process

67. that statement isn’t correct concerning Naturalism?
A. A reaction against a mere study of books and linguistic forms
B. A reaction against the degenerated humanism of the Renaissance amount
C. A reaction against sophistication, unnaturalness and gear in education
D. None of those

68. the commercial revolution that started within the West to start with had the subsequent impact on education
A. Shifting the stress from the category|class|social class|socio-economic class} culture to the center class culture
B. Shifting the centre of gravity from the center to the social class culture
C. Introduction of mass academic programmes
D. Introduction of vocationalisation of education

69. Which of the following statement is correct?
A. Communicator should be soft spoken
B. Communicator should have fine senses
C. Communicator should have tolerance power
D. Communicator should have good personality

70. What should social awareness aim at?
A. Developing social awareness among students
B. Developing vocational skills among students
C. Preparing students for examinations
D. Preparing students for life

MCQ. 71 To 80

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

71. that of the subsequent statements isn’t true within the context of democratic research?
A. It acknowledges data as power.
B. it’s a collective method of enquiry.
C. It emphasises on individuals as consultants.
D. Its sole purpose is production of information.

72. Identify a quasi-group among the following,
A. Mob
B. Crowd
C. Trade union
D. Status groups

73. Effective teaching suggests that
A. Love, cooperation, sympathy, heart and encouragement given to students
B. penalization given to students at the time of ethical offences
C. personal instruction and open room discussion
D. each A and C

74. Which of the following is related with playing
A. It is an innate tendency
B. It is free and self-motivated exercise
C. It is enjoyable and exciting mechanism
D. All of the above

75. Which among the following is not emphasized by the individual aims of education?
A. Self-expression
B. Individual freedom
C. Development of inner potentialities
D. Development of values of tolerance and non-violence

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

76. Frobel’s most important contribution to education was his development of the
A. Vocational school
B. Kindergarten
C. Public school
D. Latin school

77. Term PSRN in development implies-
A. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
B. Problem solving relationship and numeracy
C. Perceptual skill, reasoning and numeracy
D. Perceptual skill, relationship and numbers

78. Kuder Richardson method is used to estimate?
A. Validity
B. Reliability
C. Usability
D. Objectivity

79. A successful teacher is one who is
A. Compassionate and disciplinarian
B. Quite and reactive
C. Tolerant and dominating
D. Passive and active

80. A baby sucking her thumb is an example of
A. Aggression
B. Displacement
C. Regression
D. Withdrawal

MCQ. 81 To 90

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

81. that is that the main objective of research?
A. To review the literature
B. to induce an instructional degree
C. To summarize what’s already legendary
D. to get new facts or to create recent interpretation of legendary facts

82. is the process of determining the context to which an objective is achieved or the qualities envisaged
A. Measurement
B. Evaluation
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

83. that of the subsequent statements relating to motivation is correct?
A. Freewill, intellect and reason ar the motivating factors in step with Plato.
B. Curiosity and level of aspiration ar motivating factors in step with Berlyne.
C. Inborn, unlearned tendencied, referred to as instincts ar the motivating forces in step with James psychologist.
D. All of these

84. According to Gagne, the main type of learning conditions are
A. 7
B. 6
C. 9
D. 21

85. that of the subsequent is least acceptable within the light-weight of the trendy construct of education?
A. the non-public and social adjustment of the kid may be a responsibility of the college should essentially and lawfully assumed
B. Despite the importance of its different responsibilities, the college exists primarily for the aim of developing the intellectual and therefore the educational atmosphere
C. Prime thought ought to tend to the event of sound attitudes and values
D. though the product of education are of elementary interests to educations, academics ar additional usually directly concerned within the strategies and procedures by means that of that these product ar to be earned

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

86. The ACR cannot be initiated for the period of less than
A. 1 month
B. 2 months
C. 3 months
D. 4 months

87. Which of the following is the most plausible explanation for Harish’s behavior?
A. Harish no longer understands his math work.
B. Harish was punished for finishing early by receiving more work.
C. Harish is lazy.
D. Harish dislikes math.

88. The most important task is teaching is
A. Making Monthly Reports And Maintaining Records
B. Making Assignments And Hearing Recitations
C. To Directing Students In The Development Of their Experience
D. None Of These

89. Which combination of teaching methods listed below would encourage the learner-cantered paradigm?
A. Individualized instruction and lecture method
B. Simulation and demonstration
C. Lecture method and experimentation
D. Projects and Direct experiences

90. relating to co-education at the secondary stage, the 1952-53 Education Commission has instructed that
A. To start, resource, in many states couldn’t afford
B. There ought to be objection to increase co-educational faculty
C. to keep up separate faculties for boys and ladies
D. true in our country warrants institution of additional boys faculties than co-educational faculty.

MCQ. 91 To 100

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

91. The first practical intelligence test was invented by
A. Alfred Binet
B. Charles Spearman
C. David Wechsler
D. Francis Galton

92. The most important source of knowledge according to Mimamsa is
A. Inference
B. Testimony
C. Perception
D. Comparison

93. Rebirth, according to Buddha, is connected with self as
A. Fundamental
B. Irrelevant
C. Relevant
D. None of these

94. The social establishment that men produce ought to be the simplest as a result of
A. Best establishments ar likable by tired the society
B. Poor establishments can create folks still poorer
C. Poor establishments ar continually ineffective and corrupt
D. Poor faculties, poor churches, weak and indecisive government can have a negative impact on the society that brings them into being

95. According to Plato, the highest goal in all of education is knowledge of the
A. good
B. science
C. philosophy
D. mathematics

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

96. The role of teacher in inquiry-based learning is of
A. delegator
B. instructor
C. facilitator
D. formal authority

97. the smallest amount hindrance within the method of the optimum development of child’s temperament is
A. Incompetent academics
B. Free education for all and equal opportunity for all 
C. restricted economic surplus that might be spent on education
D. Mad scramble among numerous social teams for obtaining the maximum amount of the products of education as attainable

99. Which one of the following is appropriate in respect of teacher student relationship?
A. Indifferent
B. Cordial and respectful
C. Limited to classroom only
D. Very informal and intimate

100. Which of the following is most important characteristic of good teaching
A. Genesis of self motivation for learning
B. Based on democratic principle
C. Progressive in nature
D. . All of the above

Teaching Aptitude MCQ SET 2 For UGC NTA NET Exam

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