Free English Literature MCQ SET 1


Free English Literature MCQ SET 1
    Following are the MCQs on English Literature MCQ Set 1
UGC NET SET MCQ | Free English Literature MCQ Set 1 consist 50 MCQs.
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MCQ.1 To 5

1➤   MCQ.1. When did John Keats die?

2➤ MCQ.2. When was John Keats born?

3➤ MCQ.3. What was the profession of Thomas Hammond under whom John Keats joined for apprenticeship?

4➤ MCQ.4. Which is the first extant poem of John Keats, which is written in the year 1814 when when was 19 years of age?

5➤ MCQ.5. In which school did John Keats study?

English Literature MCQ Set 1

MCQ. 6 to 10

6➤  MCQ.6. Which period of John Keats as called “the most placid time in Keats’s life” by Cowden Clarke, a close friend of Keats?

7➤ MCQ.7. In which hospital John Keats registered as a medical student after finishing his apprenticeship with Hammond?

8➤ MCQ on Christopher Marlowe MCQ.8. The title page which play of Christopher Marlow attributes the play to Marlowe and Thomas Nashe?

9➤ MCQ.9. From which institution did Christopher Marlowreceive Bachelor of Arts degree in 1584?

10➤ MCQ.10. In which year the play of Christopher Marlow The Jew of Malta first performed?MCQ.10. In which year the play of Christopher Marlow The Jew of Malta first performed?

English Literature MCQ Set 1

MCQ. 11 to 15

11➤ MCQ.11. When was Christopher Marlowe baptized?

12➤ MCQ.12. To which theater was Christopher Marlow associated with?

13➤ MCQ.13. When did Christopher Marlow die?

14➤ MCQ.14. Which one of the following plays of Christopher Marlow tells the story of the disposition of a king by his barons and the Queen?

15➤ MCQ.15. At what age did Christopher Marlow die?

English Literature MCQ Set 1

MCQ. 16 to 20

16➤ MCQ.16. In which place of England Christopher Marlow born?

17➤ MCQ.17. What was the first published title of Christopher Marlow’s play The Jew of Malta?

18➤ MCQ.18. Which one of the following dramas attributed to Christopher Marlow is believed to have been his first?

19➤ MCQ.19. From where Christopher Marlowe received his early Education?

20➤ MCQ.20. How many children did Shakespeare have?

English Literature MCQ Set 1

MCQ. 21 to 25

21➤  MCQ.21. What is Christopher Marlowe’s Nationality?

22➤ MCQ.22. What was the occupation of Christopher Marlowe’s father?

23➤ MCQ.23. Marlow died of?

24➤ MCQ.24. Which was Marlowe’s first play?

25➤ MCQ on Dr.Faustus By Christopher Marlowe MCQ.25. Through his magic, Faustus is visited first by which of the devil’s angels?

English Literature MCQ Set 1

MCQ. 26 to 30

26➤  MCQ.26. At the end of the play, Faustus is dragged down to hell, begging to repent.

27➤ MCQ.27. What is the meaning of “Renaissance”:

28➤ MCQ.28. University Wits were those who:

29➤ MCQ.29. The first regular English comedy, based on the model of the Latin comedy, is attributed to ?

30➤ MCQ.30. Which of the Marlowe’s plays were written in collaboration with Thomas Nash?

English Literature MCQ Set 1

MCQ. 31 to 35

31➤  MCQ.31. Who wrote following lines: ” I am involved in mankind: and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

32➤ MCQ.32. In what country is ’Dr Faustus’ based?

33➤ MCQ.33. When, is it estimated, was ’Dr Faustus’ first performed?

34➤ MCQ.34. At what famous university is Faustus a scholar?

35➤ MCQ.35. Faustus’ servant shares his name with a famous German composer. Who?

English Literature MCQ Set 1

MCQ. 36 to 40

36➤ MCQ.36. Faustus asks two magicians to aid him in summoning the devil. What are their names?

37➤ MCQ.37. What does Faustus promise to the devil in exchange for great knowledge, riches and power for a period of 24 years?

38➤ MCQ.38. Which of the following qualities would most accurately describe Faustus’ character at the beginning of the play?

39➤ MCQ.39. Which powerful figure does Faustus ridicule with his new-found powers?

40➤ MCQ.40. “Renaissance” is a:

English Literature MCQ Set 1

MCQ. 41 to 45

41➤ MCQ.41. Renaissance first came to the:

42➤ MCQ.42. Which of the following are University wits:

43➤ MCQ.43. Which century is known as Dawn of Renaissance:

44➤ MCQ.44. Who born in 1422:

45➤ MCQ.45. Utopia was first printed in:

English Literature MCQ Set 1

MCQ. 46 to 50

46➤ MCQ.46. Who translated Utopia in English language:

47➤ MCQ.47. The first complete version of Bible in English language was made by:

48➤ MCQ.48. Who took Degree at fifteen from Cambridge in 1518?

49➤ MCQ.49. Who wrote “Mirror for Magistrates”?

50➤ MCQ.50. Philip Sidney was born on 30th November:

English Literature MCQ Set 1
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