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In this  HISTORY MCQ SET 1 post we have given all varieties of history multiple choice questions (MCQ) related to history so access the history’s multiple choice question (MCQ) with answers.

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HISTORY MCQ SET 1-Multiple Choice Questions

MCQ. 1 To 5

1➤ Third Anglo-Maratha War was held in

2➤ MCQ.2. The religion of the Guptas was

3➤ MCQ.3. How did people adapt to their new environment?

4➤ MCQ.4. established the Mauryan Empire

5➤ MCQ.5. Steps carved in a slope to allow for farming

HISTORY MCQ SET 1-Multiple Choice Questions

MCQ. 6 To 10

6➤  MCQ.6. The first of the slave kings was?

7➤ MCQ.7. When was Bhagat Singh hanged?

8➤ MCQ.8. Which of the following is NOT a branch of the government?

9➤ MCQ.9. Who founded Sikhism?

10➤ MCQ.10. During the last Ice Age the oceans became more shallow, because

HISTORY MCQ SET 1-Multiple Choice Questions

MCQ. 11 To 15

11➤  MCQ.11. The comprises the basins of many rivers which have became seat of many great empires.

12➤ MCQ.12. Bhagat Singh and B.K. Dutt threw a bomb in the Central Legislative Assembly on 8th April 1929 as a protest to which of the following Bill/Act?

13➤ MCQ.13. Define the followings terminologies in reference to architectural development of a country:2) Exogenous

14➤ MCQ.14. what is the egyptian civilization famous for?

15➤ MCQ.15. deals with hymns recited during the performance of the Yajnas.

HISTORY MCQ SET 1-Multiple Choice Questions

MCQ. 16 To 20

16➤  MCQ.16. To whom is the Hadimba Devi temple dedecated?

17➤ MCQ.17. Who was the only Mughal king who was illiterate

18➤ MCQ.18. When quit India resolution was passed in 1942, the Viceroy of India was :

19➤ MCQ.19. The Himalayan Mountains separate India from

20➤ MCQ.20. Battle of Tarrain between

HISTORY MCQ SET 1-Multiple Choice Questions

MCQ. 21 To 25

21➤ MCQ.21. Which of the followings refer to the innermost sanctum of a Hindu temple?

22➤ MCQ.22. Who was the Governor General of India when Vernacular Press Act was introduced in India in 1878 AD?

23➤ MCQ.23. Who had courts for playing a game like modern day basketball?

24➤ MCQ.24. Indian national Congress was formed when how many delegates met in Bombay in December 1885?

25➤ MCQ.25. Totem poles and wooden masks were from which Native American group?

HISTORY MCQ SET 1-Multiple Choice Questions
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